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I just had a haircut.. .and a bath. So yes!

I have a mohawk --- AGAIN! Finally I was able to work things out with my boss, blah blah blah. Oh.. and I'm in the process of growing my eyebrows back.. so ignore them.

Just got outta the shower so I look a mess.


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yes! I believe its from Deviantart.com
we're cool cause we have the same mouth piercings.
except i have a ring in my centre also.
you're cooler though cause you still have a hawk. haha.
But youre much prettier :(
no way.
actually, i think we look pretty similar.
pale. blue eyes. a hint of freckles.
i think our eyes are almost the same shade.
which makes me happy. not many people have our colour.
do they change? slightly? between blue and greyish?
yeah, they do. Especially when I'm sick.



April 16 2008, 14:42:36 UTC 8 years ago

....what a nice colour***
Ithink it looks better whithout eyebrows. Ashort babyhawk rocks also better, but that cut suits you also, yeah !!!

P.S.: ??? A Chelsea in future ???

Lovely greets
i love the color and the hawk looks great on you
how long is it? about 3 inches?
Man that orange is so fucking perfect.
What dye did you use?
Bleached it white with special effects bleach, then special effects NAPALM orange.
Cool, thanks!
I have actually never heard of that brand, but after seeing how great it turned out on you I will have to try it out sometime.