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[17 Nov 2010|11:45pm]

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[31 Oct 2010|12:19pm]

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Because so many people ask me how i can sleep with ma trihawk. [30 Oct 2010|10:32am]


I made some pictures of me lying in my bed.
Click here to see how easily i handle with this problem.
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[28 Jun 2010|12:06am]

hey guys..

I wanna cut my hair into a megan massacre style hawk. anyone got any good pics for my stylist? thanks!
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Pictures of my current trihawk [15 May 2010|12:37pm]

I have colored my hawk orange in de middle and violet on both sides. What do you think about it?

Click here for all pictures

I´m looking forward to your comments :-)
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My Mohawk Take 2 [24 Jan 2010|08:41pm]

Hiya everyone! I posted once before, but I'll give you my background. I had a mohawk two years ago, grew my hair out, then got a mohawk again the other day. Time line under the cut.
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First time i have a trihawk [06 Jan 2010|01:07pm]

I shaved my head for a trihawk the first time - it´s currently not very long but it will grow (i hope as long as i had my single hawk last year.

Click here for more pictures
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[07 Dec 2009|10:39pm]

Uh...hey. My name is Rei.
Seems like this community has been fairly inactive lately, but I figured I'd join anyway. So here's me:

Maybe I'll post a timeline eventually?
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hawk-pocalypse [27 Nov 2009|06:35pm]

A little old, but still one of the best pics.

back when it was pink

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Current pictures and timeline of my mohawk over the last years!! [15 Jul 2009|01:38pm]


Click to see all pictures !! (warning: picture heavy)
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Some time has gone [09 May 2009|10:11pm]

Some time has gone and so i decided to add some new photos of my actual style here:

The Result:

Click here for more images and leave a comment
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I have a mohawk! [18 Feb 2009|11:04am]

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new hawk [12 Oct 2008|03:48pm]

Hi, I just cut my hair in a thick mohawk on friday. Does anyone know where I can buy special effects dye locally around ann arbor michigan?

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[07 Aug 2008|04:55pm]

Yesterday, I got really high and wanted a haircut. This is my second mohawk. God damn it, I love them so much. I love skin's, too. Oi!

I never clipped it, and I need to do that. This is just done with scissors.
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newb [09 Jul 2008|08:18pm]

[ mood | curious ]

I just had my hair shaved into a mohawk last morning. This guy from California named Camel had moved into my friend Barbara's house and I was helping him maintain his mohawk. I had always wanted one of my own so I went for it. I have long black hair down past my shoulders in a 6-inch-thick mohawk now. The sides are completely bald at this momentso I'm just waiting until it reaches about 2 inches on the sides before I run around showing it off.  What is the maximum length of hair that I can make it stand up at?


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UPDATE! MY NEW HAWK! [28 Jun 2008|08:28pm]



I just got my hawk x3 and since I don't want to horribly overwhelm the sad rednecks at my school first thing x3.. I merely did a side thing :p here are a few piccus <3 ENJOY!

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NEW! [04 May 2008|04:20pm]

I'm new, so I thought I'd post a few pics. Also, how do you get that "perfect" fan going? I can't seem to!

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COLLEGE HAIRDO [22 Apr 2008|11:31am]


I don’t know what got into me during my college years, but one day I just found myself snipping off the hair on the sides of my head, my girlfriend later on trimming and polishing the whole look. There were times when I thought the administration would expel me or at least ask me to shave everything off – and so I had this habit of combing what remained of my hair to the side. Interestingly, I never got kicked out because of it, no matter how eye-catching it became. I eventually grew tired of it though and just shaved everything without anyone asking me to do it.
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I just had a haircut.. .and a bath. So yes! [14 Apr 2008|03:30pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Two pictures, I'm not looking amazing... but..Collapse )

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Got the blues and it went to my head or hair, whatever... [03 Mar 2008|11:14pm]

[ mood | amused ]

 I know it's been a while, 7 weeks to be more accurate..

like my new hair color?

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